Asian students are deferring or cancelling admissions to top US colleges & universities

Hong Kong AFP — Markets struggled Wednesday in Asia as investors weighed ongoing worries about the economic impact of coronavirus and fresh outbreaks in some countries against signs it is easing in other parts of the world and hopes for a vaccine. The closely watched Conference Board index saw a sharp drop in July, with views on future expectations and the present both down after a summer spike in infections across the US Sun Belt, suggesting little chance of improvement any time soon. And while there are signs the disease is levelling off in the US, other countries are fighting to subdue new flare-ups, with Spain calling in the army to try to help curb its spread and South Korea reclosing all schools and kindergartens in the greater Seoul region. And observers warned the upcoming winter could see more infections as people are forced to stay indoors. In early trade, Hong Kong and Shanghai each edged up 0. But Tokyo finished the morning down 0. Wellington, Jakarta and Manila were also down. But he added tech firms would likely continue to be well supported as people work, study and shop from home as fresh containment measures are imposed. Disclaimer: Validity of the above story is for 7 Days from original date of publishing.

Asian students decry elimination of 5 sports at Dartmouth

The first South Asian country to report a confirmed case was Nepal, which documented its first case on 23 January , in a man who had returned from China on 5 January. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Maldives have implemented lockdowns, Sri Lanka has responded with quarantine curfews while India and Nepal have declared a country-wide lockdown. Countries have also instituted various levels of restrictions on international travel, some countries have completely sealed off their land borders and grounded most international flights.

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were three South Asian countries that overtook China in terms of the number of coronavirus cases. In the middle of May, India was the first South Asian country to overtake China in terms of the number of coronavirus cases. On 4 June, Pakistan was the second South Asian country.

From school closures to domestic violence, Asian women are bearing the brunt the social disruption.

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A man walks past a bank electronic board showing the Hong Kong share index outside a Hong Kong local bank Wednesday 26, Asian shares were mostly lower Wednesday after a lackluster session on Wall Street following talks between the United States and China on the status of a deal meant to work as truce in their trade war. A woman walks past a bank electronic board showing the Hong Kong share index outside a Hong Kong local bank Wednesday, Aug. A woman walks past a bank electronic board showing the Hong Kong share index outside a local bank in Hong Kong, Wednesday, Aug.

A security agent exits the New York Stock Exchange building as a ticker above the doorway carries the latest trading information, Tuesday Aug.

Subtle Asian Traits: Millennials meet their match through viral Facebook memes

Asian Americans broke ground in the midterms and gained significant talking points throughout the trial stages of the affirmative action lawsuit against Harvard University this past fall. After all, the viral group deals in perhaps the most millennial language of all: memes. Banter about familiar touchstones of Asian pop culture — from anime to Boba tea — has suffused the posts.

Meme groups are a dime a dozen on Facebook; what Subtle Asian Traits does differently is position the Asian diasporic experience front-and-center.

Request PDF | Asian domains of four major genotypes of JC virus, Af2, B1-b, CY Utility of JC polyomavirus in tracing the pattern of human migrations dating to.

Hong Kong: In a typical year, more than 1 million students come from all over the world to study at U. Anti-Asian bias and hate crimes are at an all-time high. The intangible benefits to the U. But the pandemic also made them aware that their plans could change, and change again. Most of my high school friends also enrolled at Waseda University. I know the world I live in is too small. I thought going abroad could be a way to expand my horizons. I was worried that the U.

I told my friend I was definitely going, even if I had to swim the Pacific. Around mid-April, I began to realize if I get infected in the U. That seemed pretty dangerous.

New virus surging in Asia rattles scientists

O ver the past few years, Professor Zhang Yongzhen has made it his business to sequence thousands of previously unknown viruses. But he knew straight away that this one was particularly nasty. It was about p. But little did Zhang know that that box would also unleash a vicious squall of blame and geopolitical acrimony worthy of Pandora herself. Now, he is seeking to set the record straight.

Date. Events in Animals. Events in Humans. Highly pathogenic H5N1 H5N1 virus similar to that circulating in poultry. parts of Asia.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he doesn’t think calling COVID the “Chinese virus” — or the “kung-flu,” as one administration official reportedly called it — puts Asian Americans at risk of retaliation despite growing reports they are facing virus-related discrimination. Since coronavirus infections started appearing in the United States in January, Asian Americans have shared stories of minor aggression to blatant attacks from people blaming them for the pandemic, which has killed more than people in the United States.

Among the hate crimes reported in major cities with Chinese communities: An Asian man in a Brooklyn subway car who was yelled at and sprayed with Febreze air freshener. In Los Angeles, a year-old boy of Asian descent said other students had bullied him and accused him of carrying the virus. Even before cities began shutting down all restaurants to stop the spread of the virus, Chinese restaurant owners were already experiencing steep declines in business because of racial stigma.

Asked why he keeps calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” when scientists say the disease doesn’t respect borders and is not caused by ethnicity, Trump told reporters at the White House that he doesn’t consider it a racist remark. He indicated his terminology was a warranted pushback to Chinese officials who have been suggesting the U.

Back to class: Despite virus surge, Europe reopens schools

Japan has confirmed its first case of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus from China, the health ministry said Thursday. A Chinese national in his 30s who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture tested positive for the virus, the ministry said. He returned from Wuhan on Jan. The pneumonia-like virus has infected dozens of people in Wuhan, with preliminary evidence suggesting the outbreak was associated with exposure at a seafood market. The man treated in Japan had not visited the Wuhan seafood market, according to the health ministry.

Genetic and mobility data were analysed to investigate the date of introduction and geographical origin of Zika virus in Angola. Brain CT and.

Issued on: January 31, The virus was discovered in China in December An additional cases have been confirmed across 22 other countries; in several of these cases, the infected individuals had not visited China. More than people have died from the virus, all in China. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some cause illness in people and others circulate among animals, including camels, cats, and bats. Animal coronaviruses are capable of evolving to infect people and subsequently spreading through human-to-human transmission.

Many of the individuals with the earliest confirmed cases of nCoV in Wuhan, China had some link to a large seafood and live animal market, suggesting animal-to-human transmission.

COVID-19 pandemic in South Asia

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Anti-Asian bias and hate crimes are at an all-time high. and the dangerous virus situation, my family and I grew concerned. Also read: Admission offers in hand but no date, Indian students could ditch foreign plans for now.

Be the first to know about every new Coronavirus story. The human cost of coronavirus has continued to mount, with more than This page provides an up-to-date visual narrative of the spread of Covid, so please check back regularly because we are refreshing it with new graphics and features as the story evolves. July Links added to pandemic crisis economic recovery tracker.

Latin America is the current epicentre of the pandemic, with the region accounting for almost half of all deaths each day. This has been fuelled by a surge in Covid fatalities in Brazil, Mexico and several other countries in Central and South America. Explore the data here. There are concerns, however, that reported Covid deaths are not capturing the true impact of coronavirus on mortality around the world.

Asian & Emerging Markets review – what’s the coronavirus impact?

Markets worldwide were boosted when U. The positive tone across Asian markets on Tuesday follows reports that top U. S and Chinese officials see progress being made in resolving concerns around the Phase 1 trade deal reached between the two countries in January. Ord Minnett investment advisor John Milroy said equities market sentiment remained driven by elevated global liquidity levels.

Trade flows between the rest of Asia and advanced economies will and will very likely or almost certainly post-date the current administration.

South Korea — which had brought its outbreak largely under control, but is now tackling several clusters of infections — has imposed strict limits on travel, with all arrivals required to spend two weeks in quarantine. All three tournaments attract top-quality players. Just four events have been possible on the Asian Tour this year. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help.

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